At Pocket Geek Tech Repair we strive to deliver the best service for our customers by only using high-quality replacement parts and ensuring our experienced repair technicians remain trained to modern standards. If a problem has developed following your repair then we want to make it right.

Returns & Refund


If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you may exchange or return it within 14 days in the original packaging with the receipt for a replacement. No refund or exchange is offered on pre-order items.

Mobile Phone & Tablets:

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you may exchange it within 14 days in the original packaging with the receipt for a replacement for a product of the same value or more and paying the difference. We do not offer change of mind policy on our mobile phones and tablets.

If any issues occur with your mobile phone or tablet after 14 days but within 12 months then we have up to 3 attempts to fix the same issue before an exchange is considered. Please note repairs can take up to 7 days and we do not provide replacement phones during this period of repair.


All our Apple screen repairs services come with lifetime warranty and all other repairs come with a standard 12-month warranty.

Terms & Conditions apply  (*subject to the nature of the repair)

*Warranty Disclaimer For Repairs*

By submitting your device to Pocket Geek Tech Repair for repairs you authorise Pocket Geek Tech Repair to carry out said repairs on your device, as well as everything contained within this disclaimer;

– You accept that this repair could lead to the creation of other faults or highlighting of other faults that by their nature cannot be repaired by a Pocket Geek Tech Repair technician.

– You understand that it is your own responsibility to create a backup of the data on your device if you wish to.

– You accept that any repairs carried out by an Pocket Geek Tech Repair technician will void the manufacturer warranty and Pocket Geek Tech Repair will not take any responsibility if the manufacturer’s warranty is void or refused.

– You accept that it is your responsibility to inform Pocket Geek Tech Repair of any and all faults you are aware of on your device, and that while checked are carried out both before and after the repair, some fault may remain invisible to our technicians.

– You accept that life time warranty provided by Pocket Geek Tech Repair is non-transferable across devices and that these warranties will be terminated if the device changes ownership. All information on the paperwork for the device must be correct and up-to-date for the warranty to apply.

A Pocket Geek Tech Repair warranty will only apply to a faulty repaired or replaced part. It does not cover any kind of accidental/ intentional/ unrelated damage. The warranty will only ever cover replacement and never refund. As part of our check we will always unlock your device to ensure that the device is working correctly following repairs. We will require your password to do this if your device is password protected. Your warranty will be void, if the device is opened/worked on by any other party.


– Original Problem Returned

Pocket Geek Tech Repair source only the very best replacement parts, so failure rates on the parts we fit are rare. However, if this has happened to your device we’d like to get it sorted.

Provided you are within your Pocket Geek Tech Repair warranty period and the fault is with the part failing on its own and not accidental or intentional damage you can bring in the device to us. Once one of our repair technicians has confirmed the fault we will replace the faulty part for you free of charge.

– New Device Issue?

Following our repair one of our repair technicians will carry out a full check to ensure that the phone is functioning as it should and that no new problems have arisen. If you do notice a new issue with your phone you must get in touch with us within 24 hours of repair. If you miss this time window Pocket Geek Tech Repair cannot be held responsible for any new issues that arise.


If you think you were treated unfairly at Pocket Geek Tech Repair or you are unhappy for any other reason, please email us at Wiji@phonesurgeryonline.co.uk  with your issue.