Rear Housing Replacement

Rear Housing Replacement

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Have you cracked the rear glass of iPhone or Smartphone? In reality cracked/ rear glass can not only be unattractive and agonizing to use when there are loose shards of glass but on the other hand, it’s bad for the well-being of your iPhone and Smartphone. The cracked or smashed glass lets dust and moisture invade inside device that will certainly shorten your device’s life expectancy.

Being the first 5-Star Repair Service Center in the UK, we can replace your iPhone or Smartphone Rear Glass Or The Whole Frame Housing if it is bent or distorted or just damaged and needs replacing. We also include a 12-month warranty with any of the Rear Frame Housing or Glass Replacement Service.


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In order to remove the glass from the housing we require to completely disassemble the iPhone or Smartphone by using specialist tools, thereby you retain the orginal housing while providing a smooth new rear glass

At Phone Surgery, the turnaround time for the Rear Frame Housing or Glass Replacement Service is from 30 mins subject to stock availability.