Home Button Repair Service

Home Button Repair Service

We provide an efficient and seamless repair service

Has your iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet Home Button stopped functioning properly? Is it constantly malfunctioning and pressing the button, and clicking too many times when you only press it once? Does the device quickly vibrate while pressing the button?

Whether its an iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod home button repair/replacement, Phone Surgery is here to provide you an efficient and seamless repair service. Our Technicians will diagnose the issue initially establish the fault and than get it repaired or replaced. This problem usually occurs due to damaging the IC that is on the home button flex cable.


We specialise in repairing device for these manufactures.
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Our Level-3 Technicians Focuses On Providing The Best Repair Service Experience

At Phone Surgery, turnaround is super fast. Most of the home button repairs are completed on the same day the device arrives at our repair service centre.

Our Level-3 Technicians have a very high rate of success in repairing devices. If the device can be repaired but needs more parts to do the job, then we will first contact you to discuss this before any work is completed.