Frequently Asked Questions

We are not affiliated with Apple, we are an independent repairer and will not repair any devices on manufacturer warranty basis.

We do not use parts direct from the manufacturer, nor does any repair company who are not authorised by Apple as Apple do not sell genuine parts to third party companies. Instead we use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and replacement parts.

Unlike some other repair shops at Pocket Geek Tech Repair we do not cut corners. We use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and replacement parts which come with warranty, and all repairs are carried out by a fully trained and experienced repair technician.

If we carry out a full diagnostic into the issue affecting your device, we will charge a flat rate of £19.99. This cost covers the time invested by our experienced repair technicians and is included in the cost of any repairs we carry out.

No all repairs carried out by third parties will void your manufacturer’s warranty, however we do provide our own warranty for the repairs we carry out.

In order to fully complete our pre and post-repair test to make sure everything is working we would need your device password. Keeping in line with our data protection policy we will not access any of the personal data on your device.

We do not need your contact details to carry out your repair, just your device password. We would, however, use your contact details to call you when your device is fixed and ready for pickup.

Yes our experienced technicians are able to work on a wide range of devices, however we will only take on a repair task that we are confident we can successfully complete. Please get in touch with us if you cannot see your device and issue listed.

When your phone is reset you will lose all the locally stored data. However, if your data is backed up to the cloud you should be able to restore it from there.

We can fix the home button functionality on your device, but cannot offer a repair on the functionality of the touch ID.

We generally don’t offer this service as the previous repair may have caused some damage. There are however some circumstances where we would consider the repair so please feel free to enquire.

We can surely repair water and liquid damage devices, although we will need to carry out initially a liquid damage diagnostic in order to diagnose the device and establish how severe the damage is and advise accordingly.

No as we cannot guarantee the quality of parts we do not purchase ourselves. We will only carry out repairs using our own parts.

Yes data transfer can be requested to any device of your choice.