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    We are not affiliated with Apple. We are an independent repairer and will not repair any devices on manufacturer warranty devices. 

    We use high-quality parts for the replacement which are usually AAA Class. We make sure we use the best parts available for quality.

    For all mobile phones, we provide a quick, efficient repair service. Most of our repairs on the mobile phone provide a 1-year warranty which the cheap repair shop will not provide. 

    Once a diagnosis has been made by our technicians, they will advise you with a price. There will be no fee in the event that we can not fix your smartphone.

    If you send your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic devices for repair within its warranty period, it’s a universal thing that your manufacturer’s warranty would be suspended.

    Yeah certainly! We will need your contact details, so if there are repair/replacement issues, then we will send you updates or request permission to proceed.

    What Can We Repair?

    Smart Phone Repair


    The smartphone repair experts for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google, and many more.

    Tablet repairing


    Repair Specialist for all tablets including Apple iPads, Samsung Tabs, Amazon Kindles and many more.

    Smart Watch Repair

    Smart Watches

    Repair Specialist for all smart watches including Apple iWatch, Samsung galaxy watch, and many more.

    Laptop/Mac book/PC Repair


    Repair Specialist for all Manufactures.

    Game Console Repairs

    Game Consoles

    Expert repairs for Nintendo, Xbox, Play Station, etc.

    Our Locations

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