Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement Service

Always in charge? We can replace battery of all smartphone devices.

At Phone Surgery, we like to keep things straightforward If your phone’s battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to, or the battery takes longer to charge than normal a simple battery replacement will resolve the issue.

Our team will initially carry out a free battery health test and if its been established that the battery health is poor and needs replacing than we will get this replaced for you and we will provide you 12 month warranty on the new battery all usually within the 1 hour.


We specialise in repairing device for these manufactures.
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We Replace Battery For All Electronic Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets , Laptops and MacBook's.

iPhone, iPad, iWatch, MacBook, Laptop battery replacements are one of the most common repair we carry. If you are facing any issues with your device battery than get it booked in for a free battery health test, if we establish the battery does need replacing than we can get this done for you onsite.

You could get your iPhone, smartphone, laptop or MacBook battery replaced at any of our 5-Star Repair Service Centre. Our expert Technicians will be more than happy to assist.